The Operas

Das Rheingold

(Rhine Gold)

Das Rheingold



The Ring cycle opens with this magnificent prelude.

In the space of a single, majestic, two-and-a-half-hour musical span, we are immersed in a struggle for power that alters the order of the universe and determines the course of the entire saga.

Spurned by the three beautiful Rhinemaidens, the Nibelung dwarf Alberich steals their gold and forges it into a ring that gives unlimited power to its wearer. When Wotan, the lord of the gods, steals the ring, Alberich curses it and all who wear it.

Internationally renowned for his interpretation of the role, Norwegian baritone Terje Stensvold is Wotan, Australian Warwick Fyfe plays the evil Alberich and English tenor Richard Berkeley-Steele is the wily Loge, god of fire.

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Evenings at 7pm

November 18, 27, December 6

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, no interval.



Wotan Terje Stensvold
Donner Andrew Moran
Froh Andrew Brunsdon
Loge Richard Berkeley–Steele
Fricka Jacqueline Dark
Freia Hyeseoung Kwon
Erda Deborah Humble
Woglinde Lorina Gore
Wellgunde Jane Ede 
Flosshilde Dominica Matthews
Alberich Warwick Fyfe
Mime Graeme Macfarlane
Fasolt Daniel Sumegi
Fafner Shane Lowrencev