About Melbourne



Much like Wagner’s seminal masterpiece, exploring Melbourne is both an immense and immersive adventure. Just as each of the operas within the Ring cycle has its own unique and inimitable identity, so Melbourne’s ineffable character comprises distinct and myriad passions.

Lauded as both a sporting and a cultural epicentre, at first glance Melbourne seems almost a counterpoise of opposites: august classical galleries and world-renowned street art; revered restaurants and acclaimed mobile kitchens; intimate laneway cocktail lounges and expansive rooftop wine bars – the apparent contrasts are abundant. However, rather than leaving the city bereft of an identity, this dynamic is in fact one of Melbourne’s greatest virtues.

More than just accommodating supposed counterparts, Melbourne realises harmony and balance between them, producing a wealth of indulgent, engaging and entertaining experiences.  Whether it’s a trace of the haute within the underground, or modernity within the established, Melbourne marries the best of the old and new worlds into sport, shopping, dining and the arts.


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